Our Associates

Over more than a decade we have created a diverse network of organisational consultants, coaches, counsellors and psychologists. We build strong, enduring Associate relationships with highly talented, credible individuals who bring specialist knowledge and skill to complement our own.

We draw on this commercial, professional and people development expertise to provide bespoke programmes and integrated solutions for our clients. We have access to a wealth of resources and approaches to organisational and individual change.

When we introduce Associates to our client sponsors we highlight their relevant blend of expertise, provide client references and agree together the 'best fit' person or team for the tailored assignment.

Working closely with our Associates and client sponsors at all stages, we always seek feedback and conduct evaluation to maintain our excellence in service delivery.

Our Associates share our interests, values and standards. Like us, they inspire trust and respect through their professional and personal integrity, and strive to meet and exceed expectations.

All our Associates:

  • can demonstrate success and
    current expertise in their fields
  • have substantial organisational
    experience at senior level
  • are committed to continuous
    professional development
  • undertake relevant training and
    supervision for their work
  • follow their professional codes
    of ethics and conduct
  • are reliable and consistent in
    delivering high quality service